Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Furnace from Trane in Houston? Some Maintenance and Safety Facts

Houston has many dependable manufacturers that can deliver safe and high-quality gas or electric home heating systems to your doorsteps. In addition, a lot of reliable contractors like Village Plumbing and Home Services can efficiently install such systems for you.
In case you need to get one of these sources, are you knowledgeable enough to conduct the type of maintenance it requires?

Turn off the power

Before you start operating on the furnace, it pays to take precautionary measures. Whether you’re doing minor fixes or adjustments to your furnace, or simply inspecting it and doing a bit of cleaning here and there, don’t forget to unplug your heater and disconnect all power that leads to it.

When the pipelines start to leak

Leaking pipelines from gas furnaces pose danger. The moment you start smelling gas in your home, immediately step out of the house and leave the door open since ignited gas within an enclosed space could lead to an explosion.

An ounce of prevention

According to experts, professionals need to check your heating and cooling systems annually so they can stay in tiptop condition. Ideally, you should have them checked at the end of the heating season. It will be a good idea to have your air conditioner checked too.

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