Thursday, May 8, 2014

Save On Your Air Conditioning Bill with Proper Maintenance

It can be uncomfortably hot in Houston. The tropical heat brings both humidity and high temperatures, a combination that can dispirit and dehydrate anyone. In such temperature, a well-functioning AC unit is a godsend, though there is a price for this cooling comfort. You can expect high electricity bills with continued usage.

There are a few ways to shave off a few dollars from your power bill. You can keep energy down by making sure your unit operates at its highest and most efficient level. You can ensure this by maintaining your AC unit regularly; the less maintained it is, the weaker its performance which results in higher energy use. Focus on maintaining these parts:

  • Filters – Clean air filters to ensure normal airflow and that only clean, filtered air gets in.
When dirty air reaches the evaporator coil, it can reduce its ability to absorb heat. Make sure your filters are cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis.
  • Coils – The two coils that are the heart of an AC unit, the evaporator and condenser coils, can collect dirt, depending on their location. Make sure that there are no obstructions around these parts to ensure their smooth operation.
  • Fins – The aluminum fins on both coils can get bent and block airflow. Regularly check to see if they are intact and not dented.

These are the three main parts you can look out for; if your AC still does not seem to cool the room, call an AC professional to check on your unit. He will recommend the proper repair to keep your AC working at full efficiency once again. 

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