Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Common Problems Your AC Might be Facing

When you take your air conditioning for granted and just stash it away after fervent use in the summer, not once bothering to check it for damage, you might have a feeble source of cold air when the summer rolls around again next year. You need to check the condition of your AC often, especially before storage. Here are some common AC problems you might need to look into:

Leaking Refrigerant

The AC’s refrigerant is the liquid that is used to cool the air that comes into contact with it (through the coil where the coolant is stored). Check to see if there seems to be a low refrigerant level inside the coils; this is either a sign of undercharging at installation, or there’s a leak somewhere.

Sensor Issues

Behind the control panel of your room AC is a thermostat sensor, and it detects air temperature that comes into contact with the cooling coils. Should this sensor fail to do its job, your thermostat will endlessly think that the air isn’t cold enough, hence it will cycle constantly, bloating up your power bill and possibly wearing down your system.

Electronic Problems

At times, the electrical system within your trusty air conditioner can even get corroded from overuse or in some cases, inefficient copper wiring installation (a risk in buying low-quality AC units). The electrical currents that power the compressor and fan could also wear these components down and cause them to break.

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