Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Going Tankless with Hot Water

Everyone wants to hit the bathroom for their daily rituals like some time in the shower and come out feeling refreshed. Slight problem, though; you’re treated to a blast of cold water when you shouldn’t have been. When this happens, which is nearly all the time, it may be hinting you to replace your house’s existing water heater, even more so if the heater’s had too many years under its belt. One good choice for a replacement would be a tankless water heater on stream.
Also known as on-demand heaters, tankless water heaters, by definition, do not have an integrated water tank. Instead, a small heat exchange chamber processes the water when activated. The power source may be either electric heating coils or gas-fired systems. However, in choosing the tankless heater, your plumber will lay out the variables.
First, you will have to evaluate the normal flow rate for the unit in terms of gallons per minute. You also have to identify the temperature of the inbound cold water and the desired temperature of the hot water. You must figure out which plumbing functions in the house will be priority for the heater. Consider getting at least one if the bathroom and the dishwasher may use it at the same time.

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