Monday, April 7, 2014

A Primer on Common Water Heater Problems

Hot water is an important component in a comfortable life. It is difficult to take a bath if every tap in the bathroom spews nothing but freezing water. The necessity for hot water makes the water heater one of the most important components of a home’s plumbing system.
However, like all tools and components that are constantly exposed in water, a water heater is bound to have its set of problems over time. When these problems arise, it is important that the homeowners immediately do what they can to solve these issues and keep clean, hot water flowing through the tap.
Cold Water Temperature
If the water is not hot enough, then there must be a problem with the thermostat. If the temperature in it is high but the water tells you otherwise, it should also point to the same problem. Apart from that, a faulty thermocouple is also a suspect.
Noises from Inside the Tank
No one likes noises coming from a tank that is supposed to only contain nothing but water. The noise may have been caused by sediment buildup and the heating element burning it. Another plausible cause is the heating element slowly burning out.
Water Smells

If the water smells like rotten eggs, it is an early sign that the sacrificial anode is at the end of its service life. It calls for a replacement. You’d want to call in a professional for this so that you don’t further damage your system.

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