Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Signs it’s Time to retire your Air Conditioner

Your trusty air conditioner works for you non-stop, but eventually, it will have problems, or maybe even completely break down. In most cases, you can have it up and running again by hiring an HVAC contractor to do some repairs. Nevertheless, there are times when you should know how to give up on it and buy a new one, as constant repairs at that point could be too costly.

Ten Years of Service

Sure, there may be many air conditioners capable of running for much longer than ten years, but its efficiency will already have been significantly reduced. Besides, your ten year old AC might already be outdated, so you should consider upgrading to a more advanced and perhaps more energy-efficient model.

High Energy Bills

Speaking of energy-efficiency, do you notice that your energy bills seem to be steadily rising over the years? This might be because your old air conditioner is already expending a lot more energy than it used to just to maintain the typical levels of cooled air that you’re having it produce.

Temperature Inconsistences

In turn, this increasing energy usage could also lead to inconsistent temperatures in different areas of your house. Your AC could no longer sustain the temperature long enough, hence some rooms become warmer much faster than others, while some rooms get cooler faster than others, as well.

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