Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Fix Your AC’s Thermostat

A lot of homeowners may not be aware that most of the air conditioning problems stem from a faulty thermostat. To check if the thermostat is still in good condition, here are some things that you have to look into:

Start with the fuse
If your AC does not turn on, then the thermostat may not be receiving electrical power. It would be helpful to inspect the main breaker and find out if the fuse has deteriorated. Replace the broken fuse and try to reset the breaker. If it still doesn’t work, communicate with your trusted handyman to do the necessary repairs.

If the breaker is doing fine, check if the thermostat is dusty. The accumulated dust in the thermostat can wreak havoc on the system’s operation so it’s wise to keep the system clean at all times.

Cleaning the thermostat
Before you start the cleaning process, practice caution by simply shutting off power at your home’s circuit breaker panel. Carefully remove the thermostat’s cover using a screwdriver. Clean the metal coil inside the thermostat with a soft brush. Remove the remaining screws; it’s important that you don’t miss out on the area between the lever and the contacts. Wipe the dirt off using a thin piece of paper. Put the thermostat back in place once you have cleaned everything.

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