Monday, February 17, 2014

Troubleshooting Your HVAC Furnace Igniter

The ignition is one of the key components of an HVAC system’s furnace. The fuel used for heating passes through the igniter, which lights it on the way to the combustion chamber. Contemporary furnace igniters are split into hot surface or intermittent pilot types. However, the part may sometimes act up over its operational lifetime, warranting a solution to get it back in the burn.
The troubleshooting should begin by shutting down the thermostat and turning off the circuit breakers linked to the furnace. You will also have to turn off the furnace’s emergency switch and the utility connections for added measure, and then open the burner access door. The igniter is usually located near the flame sensor and the main furnace assembly.
Once in, you need to unscrew the igniter housing and inspect the part itself. Some HVAC specialists state that one sure sign of a faulty igniter is when its tip is discolored or cracked, which may be the case in hot-surface igniters, which have a heating coil similar in shape to that of the filament in incandescent light bulbs.

Your contractor may help with the igniter replacement if you are unsure how to do it. The part number or model number is usually imprinted on the igniter. A faulty igniter is not the end of the world. Your furnace’s warranty will help cover its replacement.

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