Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to Maintain Your AC’s Condenser

If you want your AC unit to remain in tiptop condition, you have to stick to the kind of maintenance it requires. Most condensers are placed outside the home so it can easily accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. Below are some helpful tips which you can easily follow to keep the condenser out of trouble.

Start with the basics
Get rid of any grass or weeds that surround the condenser since they could block airflow. Next, use a commercial coil cleaner to clean the condenser thoroughly. You can buy the coil cleaner from reputable refrigerator supply stores. The coil cleaner comes with instructions for use so there is nothing to fret about.

Take it easy
To remove the accumulated dirt effectively, use a soft brush to clean the fins. If necessary, remove the protective grille so you can have more control on hard to reach areas. As you clean the fins, be mindful not to use a garden hose since it could turn dirt into mud and would get stuck between fins.

An ounce of prevention
Fall and winter seasons can wreak havoc on your condenser. During these times, see to it that you cover the condenser with a heavy plastic sheeting and secure it in place with a sturdy cord. If you do this extra precaution, you can avoid the hassles of having to remove leaf blockage or repair ice damage.

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