Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Detecting Problems in Gas Furnaces

Winter has set in Houston, and this means locals have to rely on their gas furnaces for warmth and comfort for the rest of the season. However, fully functioning furnaces are of course essential to produce the desired heat levels at home, but sometimes problems get in the way. A common problem that gas furnace owners experience is that the heating systems don't produce enough heat.

The usual culprit for furnaces that don't generate enough heat is an improperly set thermostat. However, if the thermostat is correctly set at the right mode and temperature and homeowners still can't feel the heat, a component that can be blamed is the propane or gas valve. 
In this case, homeowners will have to check if the valve is indeed open and doesn't have any blockage to obstruct propane or gas flow. If both components are found to be defective, it is recommended that homeowners call reliable HVAC contractors in Houston right away to fix it.
Another common problem with gas furnaces is noisy operations. While a noisy gas furnace doesn't automatically indicate a defect, it is incredibly bothersome, especially when someone has had a busy day at work and wants a good night's sleep. Homeowners can get their gas furnaces to quiet down by having the gas burner cleaned as needed.

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