Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why Use an Efficient Trane Heater This Winter

Houston typically experiences a mild winter season, something that is hardly a bother to long-time residents. However, the first few days of December 2013 were a contrast to this usual winter scenario, taking locals by surprise. The Houston Chronicle reports that on December 7, Houston was colder than Deadhorse, Alaska (which is located in the Arctic Circle).

Some locals will naturally take refuge from the cold temperatures and seek warmth and comfort right in their own homes, making efficient heating systems in great demand. However, heating systems are not all the same, and homeowners have to determine which heating equipment is more ideal for their homes. For instance, homeowners who favor low-maintenance heating systems can opt for Trane gas furnaces instead of Trane oil furnaces.

Oil furnaces, while efficient in producing the desired heat in homes, tend to have more dirt and soot build-up, requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance or frequent filter changes. If homeowners prefer a heating system that comes with a more economical price tag, Trane oil furnaces can be a better fit for them than Trane gas furnaces. Whatever the homeowners prefer, they should turn to reliable HVAC contractors for advice when it comes to the installation of the system that is best for their home.

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