Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Put Heat In Its Place with Attic Insulation

Heaters are a must-have appliance for homes that experience frigid temperatures. While the devices are reliable in providing warmth, they can quickly burn through energy if they’re not optimized. Essentially, heaters will expend more power if a house manages to lose more heat than the appliance can produce, and it’s a major problem for households that have difficulty paying large energy bills.

Homeowners should therefore optimize their homes such that they can contain as much of the heat as possible. There are various ways to go about this optimization, from sealing doors and windows, to replacing regular windows for low emissivity versions, yet the changes can be very costly if all done at the same time. For those who want to start small, installing attic insulation is the affordable way to go.

According to the laws of physics, heat rises, so it makes perfect sense why attic insulation should be the primary focus in optimizing a home’s heating capacity. Insulating the attic should keep heat from trying to escape through the roof and into the atmosphere. Not only does it considerably slow down heat loss, attic insulation also prevents the formation of dangerous ice dams on the roof of a home.

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