Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Importance of Sizing up Your HVAC System

HVACs systems are designed to provide heating and cooling throughout the year in a cost efficient manner. However, they can be notoriously ravenous when it comes to power consumption, and households that overly rely on the systems can end up paying a fortune to keep them running. It’s important to optimize an HVAC system to properly work for a property in order to make the most out of the energy used.

The energy efficiency of an HVAC system begins with choosing the right equipment for the job. Selecting an HVAC system that’s too small or too large can severely affect its efficiency and the amount of energy it expends. Thus, homeowners should be very careful and precise when selecting an HVAC system for their residences.

A simple method of determining the right HVAC system would be to measure the square footage of a property, then divide the result by 400. This should produce a figure equal to the rough amount of cooling and heating tons the property requires. Homeowners have the option of choosing an HVAC system that outputs roughly the same amount of cooling tons, or they can simply call upon an expert contractor and leave the selection process to the experts.

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